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REES Smart Cities

REES is a simple, secure online platform for reporting sexual violence, that can be tailored to the diverse needs of public spaces.

Street harassment and unwanted sexualized behaviours can have a significant impact on perceptions of personal safety.  REES gathers critical data, and provides valuable insights, about all form of sexual violence in public spaces. The platform can be adapted for use in public spaces and other places where people gather.  

REES for Municipalities

During work or leisure, and while moving throughout their community – everyone has the right to feel safe, and free from sexual violence. REES is customized for municipalities to offer online reporting for recreation and sports facilities, parks, libraries, culture and science facilities, and other municipal services. 

REES for
Public Transit

Sexual violence on public transportation is prevalent. Without clear pathways to report sexual harassment, assault or abuse on public transit, incidents are significantly underreported. With REES for public transit, you can provide a clear and consistent system for reporting sexual violence, reduce barriers to reporting, gather and utilize data on sexual violence to develop targeted prevention strategies and public awareness. 

Smarter Cities, Safer Communities

Sexual violence encompasses a range of behaviours, not all of which meet the threshold of criminal behaviour – yet can have profound impacts on survivors. There are few reporting options, other that law enforcement, for survivors who experience street harassment and unwanted sexualized behaviours and sexual violence while in public spaces. With REES, you can demonstrate your commitment to safety and security by providing real-time reporting of incidents and gather critical data about prevalence of sexual violence. REES simplifies the data collection and analysis process, to assist the evaluation of prevention and response on an annual and on-going basis. 

Online reporting includes:

  • Libraries
  • Community Centres
  • Parks
  • Sports Facilities
  • Swimming Pools

With REES Community you can…

Embrace technology

to address and prevent gender-based violence in your community.

icon of road block
Reduce barriers

by offering a clear pathway for reporting sexual harassment, misconduct and assault.

icon of two papers
Provide a centralized hub

of information about reporting options, community resources and supports.

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Gather data

to enhance public safety strategies.

Privacy is essential to the
work we do.

REES gives control to survivors over their personal data.  When a Record is created with REES only the survivor can access it until they choose if and when to share it and with whom.