REES Sport

REES is a simple, secure online platform for reporting bullying, abuse, harassment and discrimination created for the unique needs of sports organizations.

With REES Sport you can…

Dev Expertise

Provide a 24/7 centralized hub

with multiple reporting options and information about community supports and resources.

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Mitigate risk

and exposure for the sport and protect your players.

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Gather data

to help measure prevalence and identify patterns

Minimize losses

Minimize losses

relating to harassment claims, player pipeline drop-off and retention

identify a person icon

Identify a person

that has harmed more than one person with Repeat Perpetrator Identification. (RPI)

Lead change

Lead change

by fostering a culture of transparency and accountability.

Empowering Culture Change

Victims and survivors are inspiring action with their courage.
REES is empowering the sports community with new sector-wide reporting tools.

Sexual violence is preventable and change is possible.

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Smarter Sport,
Safer Sport

With REES you can demonstrate your commitment to safety and security by embracing innovative technology that provides real-time reporting of incidents and gathers critical data and insights about harm before, during or after practices and game time.  

On the field, in the locker room or any other place sports take you.

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one woman helping another woman balance on a balance beam

Gather Data, Inform Change

REES provides athletes, coaching staff, parents, officials, and volunteers a safe, secure pathway to report to their sport and provide valuable data about: 

  • Date of incident
  • Time of day
  • Location of incident
  • Incident details
  • Prevalence across games, practices

Contact us to learn more about how REES can work for your sports organization.