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Respect • Educate • Empower Survivors


REES values relationships and collaboration. We work together with our partners to develop options for survivors that are trauma-informed and survivor-centred. We develop online reporting platforms tailored to the unique needs of survivors in their community, on campus and at work. 

REES values transparency and accountability. Data only matters if we do something with it. We promote leadership on issues relating to sexual violence, advocate for change and continue to create new pathways for engagement.

REES exists to make social change. We are creating new and innovative spaces for survivors to share their stories. Agency, access, and action are fundamental to the work of REES as we broaden the range of choices for survivors and institutions, create increased access to information and promote action in the community, on campus and at work. 

With REES you can…

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Create a clear and consistent system

for reporting sexual harassment, sexual misconduct, and sexual assault.

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Reduce  barriers 

to reporting for survivors who are unable, or prefer not to, engage with in-person reporting options.

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Provide a centralized online reporting hub

with information accessible 24/7 days a week and 365 days a year.

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Gather data

about the prevalence of sexual violence which can be used to develop targeted prevention, education and support strategies.

February 2021

The Next Generation of Campus Sexual Violence Legislation: Minimum Standards

Written by: Caitlin Salvino Starting in 2016, after decades of student-led activism, provincial governments in Canada began to recognize the pervasiveness of sexual violence on post-secondary campuses and the need for intervention to provide non-criminal response …
January 2021

5 Mistakes Your Institution’s Online Reporting Form for Sexual Violence is Making

Written by REES As most educational programs and student services are delivered online, many post-secondary institutions have implemented some form of online reporting for survivors of sexual violence.  Online reporting tools provide an additional way to get …
December 2020

Survivors Stories: Why Anti-Sexual Violence Work is Important

Guest Blog Written by: @shareyourstorybing Rape culture affects us all; it infiltrates and sickens the minds of well-meaning individuals, it distorts our perceptions of the world and each other, it contributes to the pain of countless …
December 2020

Survivors Stories: Allyship and Supporting Survivors

Guest Blog: Written by @standrewssurvivors We believe education, reflexivity, and empathy are important first steps in being good supporters of survivors, both personally and within the wider movement against sexual violence.  There are plenty of well-meaning people …