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We’re here.
We hear you.

If you have experienced sexual violence know that it is not your fault and you are not alone.

Sexual violence on campus is prevalent at universities and colleges around the world.

For the 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence, we partnered with students and anti-violence activists from colleges and universities to raise awareness, promote change, and above all, support survivors. Our campaign this year is about the power in sharing our stories.

Why might I consider sending an Anonymous Report?

Sometimes survivors do not wish to make a report to police or participate in an investigation and complaints process with their post-secondary institution. An Anonymous Report allows survivors to have their voice heard and their experience acknowledged anonymously, without making a formal report.

Anonymous online reporting will be available from November 25 to December 31 for campus sexual violence.

Thank you to the campus survivors, students and activists for inspiring us with your courage and commitment.

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If your campus is a REES Campus partner, please do not report here.

Use the REES platform customized for your campus. Find your REES Campus here.

#REES Campus

REES is a safe, secure space to share your story. This initiative will collect data about campus sexual violence that may otherwise go unreported, in a safe, secure and anonymous manner.

If your institution becomes a REES Campus, you can transfer your account to your school.


REES values relationships and collaboration. We work together with our partners to develop options for survivors that are trauma-informed and survivor-centred.

REES values transparency and accountability. Data only matters if we do something with it. We promote leadership on issues relating to sexual violence, advocate for change and continue to create new pathways for engagement.

REES exists to make social change. We are creating new and innovative spaces for survivors to share their stories.

“If you can’t measure it,
you can’t change it.”

– Peter Drucker


For those that have experienced sexual violence, REES is a simple and secure online reporting platform, tailored to the unique setting of post-secondary institutions.

Trauma-informed and centred on the needs of survivors that have experienced sexual violence, REES bridges anonymous incident reporting with access to critical information about reporting options, resources, and supports. REES is a customizable platform that can be adapted to any campus community.

Anonymous Reports include information provided by the survivor about where and when the incident occurred, school status and other non-identifying information about your or the person who harmed you. Only the multiple choice questions will be included in your Anonymous Report. Data from Anonymous Reports will be collected and shared following the campaign.

You will be asked questions about where and when the assault occurred and information about the perpetrator. REES provides a space for a Narrative – to explain what happened in your own words. All portions of the Record are optional.

It is often very difficult to talk about or revisit the sexual violence. It is common for this process to bring up strong feelings. You may want to consider making a plan to take care of yourself which may include talking to someone you trust or a sexual assault counselor.

Your Record will be still accessible to you after December 31 and can be printed. If your post-secondary institution becomes a REES Campus partner, you can migrate your account to your REES Campus platform.

REES gives control to survivors’ over their personal data. When a Record is created with REES only the survivor can access it until they choose if and when to share it and with whom.

With data stored in Canada, REES strives for compliance with the General Data Protections Regulation (GDPR) and is developed using the principles of Privacy by Design.

  1. Create a safer community for everyone including students, staff and faculty.
  2. Provide a 24/7 centralized hub for reporting and information about community resources, policy and procedures.
  3. Offer an expanded range of reporting options that include Anonymous Report and Connect to My Campus.
  4. Reduce barriers to reporting for survivors who are unable, or prefer not to, engage with in-person reporting options.
  5. Gather data to help measure the prevalence of sexual violence with the goal of improving policy, supports or responses to sexual violence.
  6. Identify a person that has perpetrated sexual violence against multiple people with Repeat Perpetrator Identification (RPI)