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April 2023

REES Partners with the Winnipeg Folk Festival during Sexual Assault Awareness Month

WINNIPEG, MB— REES (Respect, Educate, Empower Survivors) partners with the Winnipeg Folk Festival to provide online reporting for unwanted sexualized behaviors.

REES offers an online reporting system for unwanted sexualized behaviors. REES allows community members to create a confidential record of the incident. The person reporting controls how, when, and if, the record is reported.  Critical data and insights can be shared about where the incidents occur so that partners can develop ongoing prevention strategies. REES also provides information to survivors about community-based resources such as sexual assault centers, healthcare and other support services.

“We are thrilled to have REES as a partner. As an organization, we believe everyone has the right to experience the Winnipeg Folk Festival as a safe place where they are welcome and respected. REES provides survivor-led reporting and expertise that can help us do better for our community and support our safer spaces policy.” said Lynne Skromeda, Executive Director of Winnipeg Folk Festival.

There is limited data about sexual assaults at events in Canada, however a 2018 YouGov study in the UK found that one in five (22%) of all festival goers and 30% of female festival attendees have experienced some form of unwanted sexual behaviour at a UK festival. 

“With the adoption of REES, festival organizers can gain insights into the experiences of attendees both at the festival and at year-round events and use this data to inform their prevention efforts. Having clear reporting options and access to resource information is critical for survivors. We are proud to partner with Winnipeg Folk Festival to reduce barriers to reporting and lead change in the live music industry.” says Mary Lobson, founder of REES. 

REES can be accessed online anytime for incidents occurring at the festival or at any of the Festival’s year-round events from the Winnipeg Folk Festival website. April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month in Manitoba. 


SOURCE: Winnipeg Folk Festival