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If you have experienced sexual violence you are not alone and there is help available. Across the USA there are sexual assault State Coalitions that can assist you in accessing information, advocacy and counselling in your community.

USA State Coalitions

Alabama Coalition Against Rape
Montgomery, Alabama
Alaska Network on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault
Arizona Coalition to End Sexual and Domestic Violence
Pheonix, Arizona
Crisis Line: 1-602-279-2980
Arkansas Coalition Against Sexual Assault
Fayetteville, Arkansas
California Coalition Against Sexual Assault
Sacremento, California
Caws North Dakota: Ending Sexual and Domestic Violence
Bismarck, North Dakota
Colorado Coalition Against Sexual Assault
Denver, Colorado
Connecticut Alliance to End Sexual Violence
East Hartford, Connecticut
Crisis Line: 1-888-999-5545
Day One
Providence, Rhode Island
Crisis Line: 1-800-494-8100
Delaware Alliance Against Sexual Violence
Wilmington, Delaware
Crisis Line: 1-800-262-9800
Florida Council Against Sexual Violence
Tallahassee, Florida
Crisis Line: 1-888-956-7273
Georgia Network to End Sexual Assault
Atlanta, Georgia
Idaho Coalition Against Sexual and Domestic Violence
Boise, Idaho
Illinois Coalition Against Sexual Assault
Springfield, Illinois
Indiana Coalition to End Sexual Violence and Human Trafficking
Indianapolis, Indiana
Iowa Coalition Against Sexual Assault
Des Moines, Iowa
Crisis Line: 1-800-770-1650
Jane Doe Inc: The Massachusetts Coalition Against Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence
Boston, Massachusetts
Crisis Line: 1-877-785-2020
Kansas Coalition Against Sexual and Domestic Violence
Topeka, Kansas
Crisis Line: 1-888-363-2287
Kentucky Association of Sexual Assault Programs
Frankfort, Kentucky
Louisiana Foundation Against Sexual Assault
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Crisis Line: 1-888-372-8995
Maine Coalition Against Sexual Assault
Augusta, Maine
Crisis Line: 1-800-871-7741
Maryland Coalition Against Sexual Assault
Silver Spring, Maryland
Michigan Coalition to End Domestic and Sexual Violence
Okemos, Michigan
Crisis Line: 1-855- 864-2374
Minnesota Coalition Against Sexual Assault
St. Paul, Minnesota
Mississippi Coalition Against Sexual Assault
Oxford, Mississippi
Missouri Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence
Jefferson City, Missouri
Montana Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence
Helena, Montana
Nebraska Coalition to End Sexual and Domestic Violence
Lincoln, Nebraska
Nevada Coalition to End Domestic and Sexual Violence
Reno, Nevada
New Hampshire Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence
Concord, New Hampshire
Crisis Line: 1-866-644-3574
New Jersey Coalition Against Sexual Assault
Trenton, New Jersey
Crisis Line: 1-800-601-7200
New Mexico Coalition of Sexual Assault Programs, Inc.
Albuquerque, New Mexico
New York State Coalition Against Sexual Assault
Troy, New York
Crisis Line: 1-800-942-6906
North Carolina Coalition Against Sexual Assault
Raleigh, North Carolina
Ohio Alliance to End Sexual Violence
Independence, Ohio
Crisis Line: 844-6446-4357
Oklahoma Coalition Against Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault
Oklahoma City, OK
Crisis Line: 1-800-522-7233
Oregon Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence
Portland, Oregon
Pennylvania Coalition Against Rape
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Crisis Line: 1-888-772-7227
South Carolina Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault
Columbia, South Carolina
South Dakota Coalition Ending Domestic and Sexual Violence
Pierre, South Dakota
Standing Together Against Rape Alaska
Anchorage, Alaska
Crisis Line: 1-907-276-7273
Tennessee Coalition to End Domestic and Sexual Violence
Nashville, Tennessee
Crisis Line: 1-800-356-6767
Texas Association Against Sexual Assault
Austin, Texas
Utah Coalition Against Sexual Assault
Salt Lake City, Utah
Crisis Line: 1-888-421-1100
Vermont Network Against Domestic and Sexual Violence
Montpelier, Vermont
Virginia Sexual and Domestic Violence Action Alliance
Richmond, Virginia
Crisis Line: 1-800-838-8238
Washington Coalition of Sexual Assault Programs
Olympia, Washington
West Virginia Foundation for Rape Information Services
West Virginia
Wisconsin Coalition Against Sexual Assault
Madison, Wisconsin
Wyoming Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault
Laramie, Wyoming


There are a range of services sexual assault centres can offer survivors, which vary depending on the centre and the community. These services are generally provided free of charge and may be available to survivors as well as those impacted by the sexual assault of someone close to them.

Many sexual assault centres operate a free and confidential crisis line. Crisis line counsellors can offer emotional support and listen to you. They can help you explore what you need to cope after sexual assault, and can provide information about sexual assault trauma, reporting options and the legal rights of survivors, and referrals to other resources in the community.

Individual counselling programs or support groups may be available.

Sexual assault centres can provide advocacy for survivors in the medical and criminal justice systems.

Sexual assault Advocates may accompany survivors to medical appointments, police statements, or court appearances related to sexual assault. They can provide emotional support and help survivors advocate for their rights in these settings.

Advocates are knowledgeable about legal and medical options for survivors and can help you navigate making these choices. Advocates may assist survivors with in accessing their rights under the Victims Bill of Rights, such as compensation.

Even if you don’t seem to be physically injured, it is strongly encouraged to seek medical attention following a sexual assault. A medical practitioner can address concerns around sexually transmitted infections (STIs), pregnancy and emergency contraception, and other forms of Post-Exposure Prophylaxis.

You can have a support person of your choice such as a friend, family member, or Advocate accompany you throughout the medical care process. 

A sexual assault forensic exam is an exam that has two purposes: to attend to any medical concerns the survivor may have following the assault, and to collect evidence for the purpose of a criminal investigation. You can still access medical care without involving the police. 

If possible, avoid bathing, showering, brushing teeth, eating or drinking before a forensic exam. If you already have, that is okay and you can still be examined. Some communities offer a Forensic Hold that allow you to store the evidence for up to one year which gives time to consider your reporting options. 

A Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) is a nurse that has specialized training to provide information and choices around medical care and reporting options to anyone who has been sexually assaulted. Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners can provide forensic exams to collect evidence for the purpose of a criminal investigation. SANEs can refer survivors to counselling and other resources to help heal after sexual assault. Contact your local sexual assault centre for information about SANE programs near you.